Cancellation insurance

You never know what is around the corner so when you book a holiday, we suggest you take out a cancellation policy with our partner Campez Couvert.

How to subscribe ?

When you book, just tell us in writing that you would like to take out the cancellation insurance.

How much does it cost ?

3% of the total cost of your stay (excluding tourist tax and booking fee).

The insurance policy covers all circumstances in the event of cancellation except a change of mind.

Medial reasons

Serious illness, serious accident or death, contraindication and following a vaccination, complications due to pregnancy.

Personal reasons

Summons with regards to adopting a child, exam retake, organ transplant, separation etc…
Serious damage to your vehicle less than 48 hours before departure

Professional reasons

Cancellation or modification of annual leave, redundancy or termination of contract, job transfer, new job, etc…


Serious fire damage, explosion, water damage, theft on professional or personal premises, natural disaster, theft of identity papers…


My private jet won’t start. What do I have to do ?

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1. First of all, inform us in writing by email or recorded letter

2. Declare the cancellation or interruption of your trip

On-line :

By email

By post : Gritchen Affinity
Service Sinistre Campez Couvert
27 rue Charles Durand CS70139
18021 BOURGES Cedex

3. You will be reimbursed within 48 hours

And to thank us, you can take us for a ride in your private jet!

For those of you who love to read here is the link to the terms and conditions.